Our Curriculum

Life in America Series
The "Life in America" 8 volume series spans from Creation to current events.
This multi-age curriculum teaches History through the eyes of our creator and integrates into every unit, lessons on Bible, Government, Economics, Composition, Speech, Geography, Social Studies, Vocabulary and Drama.
Our elementary program extensively uses Montessori materials, presentations and methods that allow children to learn in an interest-driven, self-paced, and hands-on environment.
Apologia Science
Our upper science curriculum explores our world and how our creator designed it. 
This rigorous study prepares students for college academic achievement.
Foreign Language
The Latin Road to English Grammar
teaches Latin and simultaneously revisits English Grammar.
The vocabulary and syntax learned through this course assist in higher SAT scores in Vocabulary, Math and Science.
Math - U- See
This math series teaches higher mathematics with connections for visual/spatial learners. 
Picturesque Writing
Our creative writing course takes topics directly from our History and Literature lessons in order to bring more connectivity for our students' neural memory. Picturesque Writing requires students to use content knowledge to create art and then transfer this to a composition. This composition is then revised and edited with an encouraging teacher- preparing students to become great original writers.
From early readers to our graduating class, students are exposed to great classics that not only teach higher vocabulary and complex plots, but also Biblical morals such as redemption, forgiveness and honor. Just some of our favorite novels are 
The McGuffie Electric Readers, The Classic Graphic Novel Series, Lamplighter Book Series,
and Adventures in World and American Literature.

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