Our Academics

We believe that all knowledge comes from GOD and all knowledge leads to GOD.  Every course at TLEatGO teaches about GOD and HiStory is a tapestry of the affects of righteousness and unrighteousness. Therefore history links to Government, Economics, and the Arts. 
Read & Comprehend

To be able to read His word and understand what He says is fundamental.  The subjects in this category are: Vocabulary, Comprehension, Critical Thinking,and various Literature such as the Bible, American, World, British Literature as well as Film History.


It is critical that we know who we are in Christ, what our gifts are, and how to relate to others.  Character training is an integrated part of daily life at TLEatGO, including discussion sessions regarding: Who GOD is, His Covenants, Me and God / Authorities, Me and Others = Peers/ friendship/ family.  We also discuss World View, Ethics, Psychology, and Life Patterns.

Express Yourself

We have been created with unique gifts. English composition, Poetry, Speech, Drama, Debate, Arts, Music, Photography, Foreign Language, and Technology courses allow students to express themselves, worship and testify.


Most traditional school science curricula has either taken out God entirely due to political agenda for evolutionary thinking - Not at TLEatGO.  Here we study nature, do our own research and use Apologia Science with a critical view.  We teach creation and visit the Ark Encounter in Kentucky. Older students are taught to think critically when reading academic and popular articles.  We cover all sciences, often with lab work from Biology, Anatomy, Zoology, Weather  to Chemistry and Physics.


History is not a series of dates or places, but it is HIS story. Our history course shows how GOD manifests Himself through Historical Figures and miracles. This includes History from Creation to Current events, Government (especially Constitution), Austrian Economics, Geography and Culture.

Math & Life Skills

Education is much more than Academics. In our mission to train, lead and equip, teaching students life skills is important so they can live a successful life after graduation.  Therefore at TLEatGO they are exposed to mathematics, personal economics, and home economics,

work life - vocational skills, cooking, etiquette, scheduling and planning, goal setting, computer technology and the proper use of social media.

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